Aspire Black Suffolk Project 

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Pam Davis, Managing Director of Fashion Candy Style

A Unique Contemporary Brand of Fashion Fusion

Empowering People Through Style

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Fashion Candy Style will be holding a Confidence/Style Workshop. 

An open invitation, aimed towards our diverse black African-Caribbean younger community.

The Session will provide an eclectic mix of everything!  Open group chats, team activities, sharing my FCS style tips and tricks and so much more! 

Enabling young people to celebrate their cultural heritage. instilling a strong sense of pride and identity. 

Talking about discovering and creating our own personal style, enabling us to build and shape our confidence, inspiring us all to

“Be the Best You”

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    Style Workshop 

    Would you like to feel more confident, but don’t know which colours suit you?
    Wish clothes shopping was easier?

    Ever wondered what body shape you truly are. It’s not about being an apple or a pear, it’s usually a combination of shapes, which is why it’s so tricky to follow narrow ‘rules’ about body shape.

    In this workshop, you will learn not only about your actual shape but your proportions, scale, and how to best dress to make the most of your assets and camouflage your more challenging areas.

    The results will build your body confidence and save you money and time when shopping because you will know what you are looking for in the shops. You will bring some of your own clothes to the workshop, so we can put theory into practice on the day.

    Confidence Workshop 
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    This workshop will use techniques to teach young people about empowerment- what it is and how to give it to ourselves, how stereotypes affect our self-esteem, and what constitutes a positive role model.

    Stage 1

    We will firstly look at what the word empowerment means and what makes us feel empowered, using drama techniques to communicate what makes us feel happy and confident and how we can help ourselves to feel this. 

    We will also talk about which aspects of ourselves we are happy with and which we are not. We will use physical theatre techniques to create short movement pieces in pairs that communicate these aspects.

    Stage 2 

    We will look at the way in which we are stereotyped by the media and what expectations these stereotypes create, particularly in terms of our gender roles. This will be done through whole group work using ‘big piece of paper’ brainstorming activities.

    Stage 3

    We will look at what makes a positive and negative role model. This will involve work in a small group, using magazines and newspapers to create collages of words and pictures that will then be used to inspire a final piece of work. This will help promote better social relationships and personal-social development.


    Through this workshop, young people will become aware of external pressures that can have a negative effect on their self-esteem and how to rise above them. 

    They will gain a deeper understanding of self-acceptance and what we can do to empower ourselves.

    In turn have more belief in themselves and strive to achieve the things you want in life now